The Dirty Dogg Saloon: Remodels and Expands Merchandise Website

During the scorching hot summer months here in Arizona, the Dirty Dogg Saloon underwent some exciting renovations. In addition to revamping the establishment’s interior, they also made significant additions to their merchandise website.  Explore the highlights of the Dirty Dogg Saloon’s remodel and discover the new offerings that await both visitors and online shoppers.

New Hours: The Dirty Dogg Saloon has updated its operating hours to better accommodate its patrons. On Mondays, the saloon will be closed, but from Tuesday to Friday, you can enjoy their services from 3 pm until 2 am. Saturday’s welcome guests from 11 am to 2 am, while Sundays offer a slightly shorter schedule of 11 am to 11 pm. Additionally, you won’t want to miss their happy hour, running Tuesday to Saturday from 3 pm to 8 pm.

But that’s not all! The Dirty Dogg Saloon has also introduced a couple of exciting new events. Trivia enthusiasts can partake in Game Night Trivia on Thursdays from 7 pm to 9 pm, with prizes awarded for the top three winners. On Saturdays, college football fans can enjoy drink specials all day while catching their favorite games. And for NFL enthusiasts, Sundays at the Dirty Dogg Saloon offer drink specials alongside access to all the games via the NFL Ticket.

New Frozen Drink Offerings and Munchies: What’s better than sipping on a refreshing frozen drink to beat the Arizona heat? The Dirty Dogg Saloon has you covered with their newly added frozen drink menu. Indulge in delightful options such as Frose Rose’, Margaritas, Pina Coladas, and Black Cherry Whiskey to keep you cool and satisfied. To complement their drink selection, the saloon has also expanded their food offerings. In addition to the beloved free popcorn, you can now enjoy mini pizzas, hot dogs, and they promise even more mouth-watering items soon to come.

Exciting Amenities: Beyond the drinks and food, the Dirty Dogg Saloon now boasts an array of amenities to enhance your experience. Enjoy the Smoking Patio, challenge friends to a game of pool on their pool table or showcase your skills on the shuffleboard. The saloon also features TouchTunes, Dragon Punch, and Dart Boards for added entertainment and enjoyment.

Unforgettable Bartenders: Not your run-of-the-mill bartenders, the Dirty Dogg Saloon proudly boasts the best rafter-swinging, hula-hooping, drink-slinging sass-bringing bartenders in the Southwest. Prepare for an unforgettable experience as these talented professionals serve up your favorite libations with flair and personality.

The Dirty Dogg Saloon Merchandise: As part of their remodel, the Dirty Dogg Saloon has expanded its merchandise line. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a first-time visitor, don’t miss the chance to explore their updated merchandise offerings on their website. From trendy apparel to unique accessories, bring a piece of the Dirty Dogg Saloon home with you.

No matter the reason for your visit to Scottsdale, Arizona, the Dirty Dogg Saloon is a must-see destination. With their recent remodel, expanded drink and food options, exciting events, and an enticing merchandise website, the Dirty Dogg Saloon has solidified its reputation as your go-to local watering hole during the week, and the ultimate party spot on special occasions like bachelor & bachelorette parties, birthdays, or any celebration!  Plan a visit or browse their website today to experience everything the Dirty Dogg Saloon has to offer. Cheers to good times in Scottsdale!