➤ How long have you been at the Dirty Dogg? A little over 3 years

➤ Why did you choose the Dirty Dogg? Jordan Gallagher started working there and told me to come work with her! Best decision I ever made.

➤ How long have you been a bartender? I’ve been bartending for 13 years.

➤ Hobbies- What to do when you’re not working? This damn umm hobbies include Taco Bell, board games, ohm- recently started a puzzle, spin class, my dogs, watching documentaries and reading.

➤ What’s your most favorite thing about bartending? All the people I get to meet.

➤ What’s your least favorite thing about bartending? The late hours (I like sleeping) and when a customer orders a drink after you deliver the last one and continue to do this. “ONE SENTENCE PEOPLE”

➤ A few words of advice for up-and-coming bartenders: Don’t be discouraged, not every shift is gonna be rad. Also never hesitate to ask for help, shit I still don’t know what I’m doing half the time.

➤ What else do you do besides bartending? / work wise: I do logistics for a third-party freight company. – (Not just a hat rack people)

➤ How long have you been in Arizona? Born and raised.

➤Favorite Music: Classic rock and 90s alternative.

➤ Favorite drink to drink? Non alcoholic- iced tea/water : Alcoholic- Jameson or a good wine

➤ Favorite drink to make? I miss making craft cocktails but slinging drinks, something easy and fast, if I got a line.

➤ Least favorite drink to make? Bloody Mary

Sam’s Quotes:

Also, in the words of my Pops – “See the trees”