How long have you been at the Dirty Dogg? I have been at Dirty Dogg since January 2017, so five years!

Why did you chose the Dirty Dogg? I saw my old neighbor going to work every night in booty shorts and that sparked my interest. I asked her where she worked and she mentioned there might be an opening for a cocktail waitress. I wanted to get out of corporate America and, this might sound silly or made up, but my end goal was always to bartend, or at least see if I could do it (take chances, you know?). When I walked in to talk to Jack and apply, I never imagined he would give me a chance, but I am so thankful he did. You might not see it as a customer, but we are a family at Dirty Dogg. And I will always choose my chosen family!

How long have you been a bartender?  Officially, five years!

Hobbies- What to do when you’re not working? I’m all over the board with hobbies. I love to play the clarinet and participate in a few concert bands, orchestra, and a marching band for adults. I also love being around any and all animals, especially those in rescue; dogs, cats, horses, you name it and I’m there! Then there’s baking, cooking, knitting, shooting, and absolutely anything outdoors!

What’s your most favorite thing about bartending? I love bringing people joy and seeing a smile on their face. That 100% makes my day every time.

What’s your least favorite thing about bartending? When people know they are going to order 10 drinks, but tell me one drink at a time. I promise my brain can handle more than one drink order!

A few words of advice for up and coming bartenders: Don’t give up. Enjoy the ride. If it’s slow, take advantage and try and learn something you don’t know. And when it’s busy, take all that knowledge and know you can rock it.

What else do you do beside bartend? / work wise? Right now, I help rehabilitate retired and/or rescued race horses! I also have four fur kids, and if you know me, you know they’re my entire world. Spending time with them is one of my greatest joys in life!

How long have you been in Arizona? Since September 2013

Favorite Music: Music depends on my mood. I love all forms of metal, classic/hard rock. Also a lot of country, classical…really anything that empowers my soul at that time!

Favorite drink to drink? I’m fond of a solid whiskey ginger.

Favorite drink to make? When there are less people at the bar, anything mixed, shaken; whatever you want is my favorite drink to make at that time! When it’s absolutely slammed, beer and a shot of whiskey.

Least favorite drink to make? Bloody Mary’s when it’s nighttime. When the sun is out, heck yeah. When the moon is out…nope.

Michelle’s Quotes:

Be where your feet are. (If your body is there, let your mind and soul be there too and live in each moment.)

“I can do it a number of ways. Straight up, neat, on the rocks. Or if you’re flexible, with a twist..