Congratulations to Our Bartender of the month is Jenna!

How long have you been at the Dirty Dogg? On and off since 2013 -more on than off

Why you chose the Dirty Dogg? I was bartending randomly at a bar and making zero money and having zero fun. It was time to move on.. I happened to already be friends with Nikki and Jack was hiring- I had never danced on a bar. It was 1000% out of my wheelhouse and exactly what I needed. I didn’t know how badly I needed that change until I got it. The Dogg changes you I tell anyone who asks we don’t leave. Erika (name drop) and I were the new guys for 5 years. We’re a very loving supportive unit who wants anyone who’s part of our team to succeed in life. It’s pretty special.

How long have you been a bartender? 15 years as a bartender

Hobbies? My current hobbies include – play doh, drawing, puzzles, blocks, dance parties, and dress up- I have toddlers. Bartending and hula hooping with my friends are currently my escape. I also love getting outdoors, hiking, and paddle boarding but don’t do it enough.

What’s your most favorite thing about bartending? The experience- I have always loved the service industry for creating an environment and experience people want to share and come back to again and again. The Dirty Dogg just takes that to another level.

What’s your least favorite thing about bartending? Random customers (strangers who’s preferences I don’t know) asking me to surprise them with their drink choice.

A few words of advice for up and coming bartenders? Don’t get caught up with distractions and drama. Work hard and hustle – there’s money to be made, and fun to be had. Don’t stay at a bar you don’t love. Find your fit.

What else do you do besides bartending? Stay at home super Mom sign language teacher fight breaker upper peanut butter chef extraordinaire color finder number counter… You get the point. I’m looking forward to finding what’s next in the business world for me as my littles grow. I never thought I would be a stay at home mom and as lucky as I am to do it, I really enjoy working.

How long have you been in Arizona? I moved to Az in 2001 sooo 20 years now

Favorite Music? I’m an equal opportunist when it comes to music. I go through phases and I’ve been listening to a lot of black keys recently.

Favorite drink to drink? Bush NA or hoppy refresher which is a hop flavored soda water (wahh wahhh). Off booze 6 years/ When I did drink I was also an equal opportunist but loved a shot of whiskey and beer

Favorite drink to make? That depends on how busy it is, 3 deep? – a coors light otherwise I honestly really enjoy making whatever the customer wants- it’s about their experience and their drink is part of that.

Least favorite drink to make? “Surprise me”

Jenna says : Work it like you own it pour it like you drink it

We Thank Jenna for all her hard work and appreciate her taking the time to answer your questions
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